Faker expressed his views on why non-stop practice in e-sports can turn out to be a “bad idea”.

Lee ‘Faker’ Sang-hyeok is a three-time world League of Legends champion, also known for his pure dedication towards esports.

Despite being the three-time world champion Faker revealed that non-stop practice can spoil your game even if you love the game.

Faker plays from team SK Telecom T1, also called the greatest League player to have ever touched the game.

He has picked Summoner’s Cup three times in his league of Legends career, he even denied multi-million dollar offer to leave T1 and Korea.

He also admitted that at some point he also needs to stop practising.

Faker reveals why non-stop practising is bad in esports

The League of Legends star stated that “taking time away from practice and doing “many extra activities” away from video games can help you improve the game.”

Because you take time away to “reset,” and then approach the challenges and trials that the game has for you in a new light, you can often break through barriers that were you struggling with before, the Korean champion said.

“I think as a pro player, practicing and competing in games every single day is not that great of an idea,” he said in an interview with Fomos, as translated by Forsythia. “It’s a bad idea. That’s why I try to participate in lots of activities.”


“I try to think those activities would help me broaden my horizons — as long as they don’t distract me from my dedicated practice time — and I think that ultimately will help me focus on the games [in the LCK],” he added.

T1 started 2020 with 1-1 in Champion Korea and then defeating Damwon Gaming 2-1 in the season opener.

Moreover, Faker is once again back at his potential with being the most valuable player in three win matches during their first two series in Spring 2020.

T1Faker also talked about Team Changes

He also stated, he was expecting the team to take a lot more time to settle after a lot of changes in the team.

“I expect this year will be totally different from last year, especially because there were a lot of team member changes, and swaps in the meta too,” he said.

“Although we defeated DWG this time, we still have so many games left. We have to compete against a lot of other strong teams in the season before the end too. For me, and T1, I cannot expect what is going to happen in the future.”

The related segment beings at 2:37 in the video below.

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