A Twitter Spam Bot is promoting Fake David Dobrik Channel which has completed 90k subs at the time of writing this article.

David Dobrik did his first ever live streaming in August on Twitch playing Warzone, and gave away
$1,000 every time he won a game. It was very much clear that people were excited that this huge
internet personality had entered the streaming world, especially playing with people such as
Florida Mutineers’ Cesar ‘Skyz’ Bueno.

YouTube channels posting highlights from his streams were a natural progression and include the
Fake Channel called “David Dobrik Live Streams.” It already has 93,600 followers, with the
first video being posted on August 30.

But these numbers are not the result of hard work of a person instead it is of Twitter Bots spamming
people to watch the video and they are also targeting high-profile influencers.


Spam bots are on every platform in April 2020, Twitter alone removed 20,000 fake accounts, while
back in 2018 it reportedly removed 70 million fake accounts – it is very hard to remove these bots
completely because users are still able to create fake accounts and spread misinformations.

CDL player Clayster tweeted, “Who is the one person who keeps making five thousand accounts to tweet me his David Dobrik playing Warzone videos? I must know, you need help. I’ve had to block at least 50+ accounts.”

Other big influencers also tweeted out the same thing Crimsix wrote, “Wait, wtf same,” while
YouTuber Casey Neistat wrote called it “a particularly aggressive bot.”

Moreover, FaZe Simp, Drift0r, and musician Jordan Wright were also the part of same hurdle which
are being targeted by these Twitter Spam Bots.

The about section of the channel confirms that it’s not linked to the YouTuber himself, with the note: “I try to upload daily videos from David Dobrik’s live stream if he is currently streaming. This is a fan channel and not David’s.”

We will notify you if anything more comes from them.

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