Escape from Tarkov is one of the most popular FPS games, but some recent update arose some performance issues in the game but the developers didn’t take much time to fix the issue.

EFT is played by many Twitch stars like Summit1g, Shroud and many other content creators
on the platform. And even till now, many players are having fun in the game.

But in the last month, many players moved to Warzone and newly launched Valorant but
the number of active players in the game is still tremendous.

However, after recent updates, many players were reporting sudden issues with games’ performance and stability.

And unlike any other games where bugs are ignored for a long time, EFT developers looked
into the matter and dropped a new patch update on April 12.

Escape From Tarkov performance fix Update details

In a long update, developers go on to address the cause of the Escape From Tarkov performance issue and what they did in the update to fix it.

“We just released small technical update related to boot.config issue,” the dev said. “It looks like the Unity incorrectly set some parameters in the config file during project build (it was found that instead of “1” there was blank value in some parameters).”

Following that they then mention that they have fixed the issue and looking forward to players feedback on whether it is working good now or not.

potential performance fix (boot.config fix) from r/EscapefromTarkov

“Also thanks to u/lowsisback for pointing to this potential problem!” they summarized. “We hope that the fix will work (so far we checked and don’t have any noticeable boost in performance). But we need a massive test to collect statistics and possible new issues.”

EFT developers seem to have a very welcoming nature for their players as many other big
development companies don’t even look into the matter and sometimes deletes the post pointing out the issue with there game.

Well, it is still to find out whether the update is working or not.

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