Escape from Tarkov New Map and Patch Notes changes are coming soon lead developer at Battlestate Games, Nikita Buyanov, confirms the information.

Battlestate Games doing everything in their favour to give players the best
FPS experience from the beginning of this year and they are not stopping
in a recent interview with the PC gamer Escape From Tarkov developer reveals a new map in development and also mentions some patch notes changes.

“It will be the biggest and most detailed location ever,” Nikita explained, “there will be a lot of explorable buildings and underground [areas]. It’s an attempt to recreate the realistic modern city.”

They also teases players with a short video clip of the map giving everybody
a slight look on what is coming next, in the video we can see big buildings
skylines – a modern city.

Changes in Patch 12.7?

Apart from the massive new city map developer also reveals some changes
coming along with the next patch 12.7.

“12.7 is more like a technical patch. It will include the big addition called the expansion of Customs location. It will enlarge the overall area by 30, or ever 40%.”

Then, in the next update 12.8, Battlestate will “totally overhaul the skill system,” and introduce a new boss, Senator, who will be able to heal his partners and search for stashes.

“A really big amount of cool features are to come this year, we’ll try to bring some new experiences for you,” he concluded.

Well, it looks like there is a lot of new updates and changes coming this year for
one of the FPS game in market and players should gear up for grinding in the
new city, new environment with new challenges.

However the exact date for these updates to roll out is not yet declared, it can
be months away or maybe days away but we will notify you as soon as we get
any further information on this update.

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