Escape From Tarkov Character Wipe is finally introduced in-game after May 28 update, Character Wipe will reset player’s progress.

Escape from Tarkov is one of those games where you need to find
and build your weapons, not build but you have to upgrade your
weapons based on things that you can loot and scavenge from
different parts of the map.

Players spend hours and hours to upgrade their weapons which will
give them an upper hand on the enemy in later fights, but Escape from Tarkov have a character wipe system which resets players progress and everybody is forced to start from scratch so that the newcomers won’t have to face too many difficulties adapting the game.


Escape from Tarkov Character Wipe

After months of speculation and anticipation, EFT has received its first Character wiper since April 2019.

The official statement for this Character Wipe was released by
Battlestate games in February 2020, they said that they will be wiping
the game once again in Summer 2020, and are informing players
beforehand. Despite an official statement, there was no exact date
to when the game will be receiving the wipe.

However, without any indication on Thursday 28 May game received patch which also contained the Character wipe command.

According to developers now players will need to start from scratch,
players can see these changes, reveals reduced and returned to the
lowest level, Trader Rep brought down to zero, and stashes which
hold weapons and items cleared.

Character wipe is also a mode for Battlestate games to balance the game
and fix any technical issues after major update.

This character wipe gives player an opportunity to start from the beginning
both new and old players can start scavenging again.

One of the important points that Battlestate confirms is that, it won’t be affecting any saved weapon presets or examined items in players’ handbooks, so there is no need to remake any preset guns when the game returns after downtime.

This update also introduces a new Captcha system to Flea market to avoid any suspicious trades and actions through the in-game store.

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