Enter the Gungeon Altar, a game from the top-down shooter genre, has garnered an enormous following among gaming enthusiasts. The game features a variety of weapons, items, and covert spaces that gamers can explore while following the game’s story.

One of the most fascinating areas in this game is none other than the Altar, It is a place where players can gain access to the game’s hidden secrets and powerful items.

In this exclusive piece, we will take you through a comprehensive guide that highlights all the necessary steps involved in obtaining all the coveted items and unlocking the clandestine secrets concealed in Enter the Gungeon’s Altar.

Enter the Gungeon. The Altar is Empty – What Should I Do?

So you have found the Altar and it is empty so what is next? What should you do? If the Altar is empty it means you have already sacrificed all the weapons that you can. The Altar can only be used a limited number of times before it becomes permanently empty, so it’s important to use it wisely. However, if you’ve reached this point, there are still plenty of other ways to progress in Enter the Gungeon. You can focus on defeating bosses, collecting items, and unlocking new characters to continue enjoying the game’s challenging and rewarding gameplay.

Section 1: What is the Enter the Gungeon Altar?


To unveil the Enter the Gungeon Altar, players need to obtain a unique item christened the Prime Primer. The Altar is cunningly concealed on the fifth floor of the Gungeon, and to gain entry, gamers must offer a gun or an item as a sacrificial tribute. Upon entering, players are granted the opportunity to interact with the Altar, and in so doing, gain access to potent items and unearth well-kept secrets.

Section 2: How to Access the Altar?

To gain entry into the Altar, players must have possession of the elusive Prime Primer item, which can either be acquired by completing the tutorial level or bought from the first-floor shop.

Once you’ve obtained the Prime Primer, navigate your way to the fifth floor of the Gungeon and search for a room with a pedestal.

Place the Prime Primer atop the pedestal, and in a mystical turn of events, a concealed staircase will appear, granting you access to the Altar.

Section 3: What to Expect in the Altar


The altar is empty Gungeon: The Altar is a fascinating enigma where players can procure influential items and unveil enshrouded mysteries. Among the most paramount items that players can acquire from the Altar is the Gun That Can Kill the Past. This weapon endows players with the capacity to travel back in time and rectify past blunders, making it an indubitably potent instrument.

In addition to the Gun That Can Kill the Past, the Altar also harbors other objects, including the Gold Junk and the Magic Lamp. Players can gain possession of these objects by presenting guns or items as sacrificial offerings on the Altar.

Section 4: Tips for Unlocking Hidden Secrets in the Altar

If you’re determined to uncover all the Altar’s hidden secrets, it’s essential to adopt a patient and strategic approach. Follow these tips to make the most out of your Altar experience:

  • Always ensure that you have a gun or item that you can sacrifice on the Altar.
  • Use the gun muncher to merge two guns and obtain a higher-tier weapon that you can offer up to the Altar.
  • Explore the fifth floor of the Gungeon for secret rooms and chests that may contain valuable items that you can sacrifice.
  • Defeat the fifth-floor boss without taking any damage to earn the Master Round. The Master Round can be sacrificed on the Altar for an even greater reward.

Section 5: Conclusion

We trust that this guide has proven to be a useful resource in navigating the Enter the Gungeon Altar, a captivating space that holds many treasures and secrets. Our aim is for you to maximize your Enter the Gungeon experience by utilizing the strategies provided in this article to unlock all the Altar’s hidden secrets and acquire the powerful items it holds.

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