Ludwig lose YouTube subscribers right when he was about to hit the 3 million milestone because of revealing the controversial way of eating pizza.

Ludwig’s popularity started growing rapidly after his Twitch subathon that lasted for 31 days.

After joining hands with YouTube gaming and leaving Twitch behind Ludwig has been building a massive subscriber base of over 3 million.

However, Ludwig lose YouTube subscribers after his recent admission to eating pizza with a fork and knife on stream nearly cost him that goal as subscribers began leaving en masse.


He did this controversial act during his June 3 live stream to celebrate hitting the 3 million subscribers milestone.

According to Ludwig he “likes the taste of the pizza with metal better” and that “the metal adds a tanginess to it.”

And soon after that, his subscriber started to move out in a mass amount as he saw his count going down on the analytics tracker social blade.

He quickly noticed the drop in subscribers and attempted to backpedal saying, “We are so close to 3 million…I don’t – I don’t eat pizza like this anymore.”

After only a minute Ludwig lost over 1,500 subscribers after his incredibly contentious food take.

His viewers then demanded that he either have to eat pizza without fork and knife on the stream or else they will continue unsubscribing.

Funnily enough, he caves in saying “Fine, fine I’ll eat a pizza,” and begins making a pizza order online with the help of his chat to eat it later during his stream.

However, he still has not completed the 3 million mark but it is just a matter of time before he achieves that considering his popularity.

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