Dreki vs Spirit Fox which is the best? Characters and pets in Free Fire are the most important aspects. Because of their unique abilities and also these pets look so cool on the virtual battleground.

There are different type of pets available in free fire but all pets are not suitable for each and every player.

There are two types of players in all battle royale game if we talk about specifically free fire have aggressive and passive pets.

In this article, we will cover a comparison between the newest pet Dreki with Spirit Fox.

The Spirit is already one of the most popular pet in this game and here are classifications to determine which pet is best for an aggressive player.

Assessing the abilities of Dreki and Spirit Fox in Free Fire

Dreki’s ability in Free Fire – “Dragon Glare”


The special ability of Dreki is known as Dragon Glare. This skill can identify opponents using medkits within around a 10m radius. However, the ability timing Is of three seconds only .

The Dragon Glare ability has 3 level skills. At that 3rd level, it can detect opponents using medkits within a 30m radius. Also, the ability timing increases to five seconds at this level.

Spirit Fox’s ability in Free Fire – “Well Fed”


Spirit Fox also has a unique skill which is called Well Fed. When enabled, this ability gives players an extra 4HP while using the Health kit.

This skill boosts at pet level 7 and skill level 3, at that level, it recovers an additional 10 HP when the player uses a health pack.

Dreki vs Spirit Fox: Which is better?

Both the  pets  Spirit Fox and Dreki are great and the best pets to have in the game. They have unique skills and are useful for both passive and aggressive players also. But if we compare these pets for aggressive players Dreki is slightly more advantageous than Spirit Fox.

Dreki can scan the surrounding area and locate enemies applying medkits and also also scan behind walls .Thus, it allows more advantage to the  aggressive players to directly rush to the enemy base.

Spirit Fox is also very nice and beneficial pet, but its ability is more suitable  on a passive playing style. Hence, our final conclusion says that Dreki is a better pet for aggressive players in Free Fire.

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