Dream’s leaked Snapchat video reveals a bit of his face and it is going viral over the internet creating, fans are already giving him the “perfect” title.

Recently on September, 30 one of Dream’s Snapchat videos went viral, however, his face is heavily guarded by a strawberry emoji.

But even the partial look at his face made fans go crazy.

“his hair his chain his neck his teeth HIS TEETH ARE PERFECT?!?!??” Tweets a user along with pictures from his leaked Snapchat video.

For those who are wondering why is this all a big deal, well, Dream is one of those biggest streamers who are yet to reveal their face to their fans.

Moreover, he also teased his fans about a possible face reveal coming up soon.

Well, this is not the first he has partially made his face visible to his fans, but still, it will be a piece of big news when he does the actual face reveal.

Dream’s leaked Snapchat Video

As we mentioned earlier, his face in the video was heavily covered by the Strawberry emoji in his Snapchat video.

However, in the video, he also mentions that he was alongside fellow Minecraft streamer Nick “Sapnap.”

Here is the Dream’s leaked Snapchat video:

It’s no secret that revealing his face is one of the most anticipated events in the Minecraft and gaming community. His face has been the subject of debate for several years; However, it appears that Clay will be revealing his identity for the first time in his career.

Earlier this month, he took to his official Twitter account to announce his plans. He stated:

At the same, he did one more announcement that he might soon be making real-life Minecraft videos along with this Dream team.

“The mask is coming off, and George is finally moving to Florida with the Dream Team!” – he said

However, this plan seems to be delayed as his hometown Florida has been hit by a hurricane which may delay these plans a little bit.

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