Famous Minecraft YouTuber Dream has teased an upcoming “massive” collaboration for his (survival multiplayer) SMP Minecraft server. Here is all the information related to it.

Dream is one of the most popular Minecraft streamers and content creators.

Currently, he has over 29 million YouTube subscribers, making him the biggest faceless YouTuber meaning he does not reveals who he is and uses masks and virtual avatars to hide his identity.

That hasn’t put a damper on his popularity, however, nor that of his companions like Minecraft creators Ranboo, Tommyinnit, and more, who attended this time’s VidCon to a huge mass of fans cheering them on.

To celebrate this huge fan moment, Dream tweeted out a piece of big news revealing an upcoming collaboration on his SMP Minecraft server.

“Good time to say that there’ll be massive collaborative Dream SMP news soon,” he wrote. “Writing the Dream SMP in the revive book this summer.”

“Everyone up on the stage at VidCon is doing such an amazing job,” he continued. “And the fans? Awesome to see people so excited about something we’ve all spent so much time on.”

After some fans wondered if he was actually at VidCon, Dream joked that he was “hiding in the crowd.”

Although, it is still unclear what kind of surprise he is talking about, and fans have already started to make speculations about it.

This wouldn’t be Dream’s first big collaboration, either earlier this year, Dream teamed up with YouTube star MrBeast to get his genuinely own burger at MrBeast burger, complete with a green avocado.

Right now this is all we know however, we will keep updating you on the news. so stay tuned.