In this summary article, we will be explaining everything that has happened in Dream grooming drama.

Recently, Dream revealed his face to his audience and since then he has been in the headlines for his looks and everything.

But a new drama surrounding Dream and a girl has surfaced making him once again part of the headlines.

On October 14, 2022, a Burner account (@burner39413705) posted screenshots of text messages between Dream and Anastasia, one of his longtime fans, on Twitter.

The screenshots, while inconclusive, contained suggestive messages.

After the leak, Anastasia took to her (now private) Twitter account to shed some light on the matter.

According to what she claims the streamer “groomed” her when she was 17. Keep note that the interactions between them took place in 2020 when Dream was 20 years old.

Following these claims, Dream shared three separate (now-deleted) tweets from his alternate account to refute all claims.

He also shared a Twitlonger post to promote his defense.

A detailed explanation of dream grooming drama

For starters, the allegations were filed using Burner’s account. The first screenshots included some of the tweets Anastasia made after revealing Dream’s face.

According to her, the YouTuber has finally revealed his face because he had a fear that she might leak it first.

In the following tweets, screenshots of their conversation were made public.

According to the text, Dream supposedly invited the then-minor Anastasia to his “bedroom” or “kitchen.”

The conclusion screenshots included Anastasia’s statement of how she felt it was inappropriate for Dream to be “this close” to her due to the power dynamic and age difference. This whole allegation generated a #Dreamisafreak trend on Twitter.

The leaks were immediately followed by Dream’s response. In a now-deleted tweet on his alternate account, the YouTuber claimed the allegations were inaccurate and false.

He expanded his thoughts to real victims of pedophilia and manipulation.

His spontaneous answer caused divided opinions among the fans. After reviewing it, Dream shared a post from Twitlonger on his alternate account, in the Twitlonger he explains his side of the story. The drafted statement addressed several points. In one paragraph, the 23-year-old said:

“It was just friendly conversation. In these screenshots, them being 18 years old is mentioned in their bio, and I also very clearly asked them for their age. I did not act inappropriately with this person, and any attempt to equate these messages to grooming is not only disgusting but is insulting to victims who actually experienced grooming and still have trauma as a result.”

He reiterated that, to his knowledge, Anastasia was 18. He continued:

“Once again, she was 18 years old, says she was 18 years old, and even had a boyfriend while she was friendly with me. This being warped into me being a groomer and the fact that she is and was 18 is scary and sad, and a huge reason as to why it is so hard to interact one on one with anybody online as a creator, especially people from within your communities.”

However, he did admit that some of those screenshots were real, but he completely denies anything from the iMessage as according to him his iMessage number is not linked to his TikTok account.

“Part of this thread includes cringey flirt text messages (again, when they were 18) that were supposedly from me, because it says that it is from their contacts when they go to my tiktok. this is impossible since I use a google voice number on my tiktok account which doesn’t have the ability to iMessage. The other information is false, and this has unfortunately blown up into something that it simply isnt. Regardless, she was 18 years old and had 18 publicly available in her twitter bio.”

He concluded his statement by extending his thoughts to victims of pedophilia and grooming. He added:

“My heart goes out to actual victims of pedophilia and grooming, and again, I’m extremely sorry that it took as long as it did for me to reply. I wanted to make sure I included everything. This is all of the information I have, but like past situations involving me, I know people are going to run with whatever fits their narrative best.”

Several users from YouTubers, Twitteratis, and Reddit have already reported on the entire controversy.

Some of them are claiming that this is just a move to get some fast attention while some are taking the side of the victim. However, how many chapters of this Dream grooming drama are yet to uncover is still unknown.

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