Drake’s Odds: Survive is an indie game which is yet to be released, it is a multiplayer survival game in which it will be possible to strategically take control of the enemies.

In the game you play the role of an alien and you have to survive on the unknown and hostile planet Earth, using your advanced technology and alien powers, joining clans and fighting against other life forms.

The game features a 64 km² game map which you can explore while interacting with the
environment, on your journey, you can also collect different types of resources and find
objects useful to survive.


Drake’s Odds: Survive Story

It was the year 1947 when humanity found out a possibility had become an undeniable reality. A mysterious alien civilization coming from the planet Exomon landed on our planet and was welcomed with open arms by humans with a thirst for knowledge of the arcane marvels of a new world… and the infinite possibilities that were attainable through the use of their technology.

Many years later, the arrival of new Exomians looking for their old fellows they had presumed lost becomes a historic event that lays the groundwork for a new future: a pact of coexistence and non-aggression, a pacific agreement between two worlds completely different from each other. But the truce will not last: an unexpected betrayal by the first aliens towards their brethren will show the real face of humankind and pit against each other the two sides, the first aliens, allied with humans, lashed out at the newly arrived aliens, in a move that will reverse the dynamics of a power game that everyone is trying to enact.

With the unreachable mothership awaiting and orbiting over the Earth, survive as an alien against the treacherous humans and their own, backstabbing kind, as a stranger in a strange land looking for a way to return back home, in a race against time and everyone else while making use of every means at your disposal.

The goal is the same for all involved: vanquish the other. But who will?


Game’s Mechanics

Race against time and your enemies: the duration of each game is limited and the game servers will be reset. But first, a tough challenge awaits you: launch the mothership and return to Exomon! Don’t get caught unprepared … Build and upgrade your base to prevent them from stealing your loot; craft ever more powerful items and weapons and of course … survive your enemies!

Craft the means of your survival: weapons and platforms will be of precious use to face any situation against any enemy: craft a bulletproof vest or a respawning point near your base of operations and begin the counterstrike!

Learn from the earthlings and fight fire with fire: From enemy corpses you will collect knowledge points that will help you find out how to build objects and weapons you need to survive and to face and triumph in the final challenge.

Fight or ally with the other factions but always watch your back! In “Drake’s Odds: Survive”, danger is around the corner, what appears to be a harmless bird could turn out to be the spy of the enemy clan studying your movements.

Possess the life-forms around you and make the most of them in battle: thanks to your alien abilities you can, for example, control a bear and unleash it on your foes. But be aware and keep in mind that the effect will eventually run out and your strategies could backfire very easily.

Sense and identify those around you: are they friendly or hostile? Other players or NPCs? Breathe a sigh of relief or shudder in panic but act either away… because whatever you can do, anyone else can too.

Fly over the skies of the map with the spaceship with which you can hook and drag characters and vehicles with its beam of light and hit enemies with its powerful laser beam.

Dominate the planet Earth with advanced technology, cunning, skills and strategies to reach the hierarchical heights of the territory.


Game Key Features

  • Spaceship Control (Attack / Hooking characters and vehicles)Collection of Knowledge Points
  • Power to take possession of NPCs
  • Alien Sonar
  • Crafting
  • level base building (wood, stone, metal, alien)
  • In-game events
  • First / Third Person PVP survival
  • Solo & clan gameplay
  • Multiplayer

Drake’s Odds: Survive release date

Drake’s Odds: Survive” will be released in early access in 2022 for PC.

Visit the website www.drakesodds.com and follow us on social media to keep up to date with announcements and previews of “Drake’s Odds: Survive”.

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