Benjamin ‘DrLupo’ Lupo is a new streamer to speak in favour of the hottest game on twitch Escape from Tarkov – FPS Battelstate RPG game, he shared his expressions regarding the game saying he has been “hoping for a moment like this for the game”.

Escape from Tarkov has already taken over the Twitch with the start off 2020, it is also ranked as the most viewed game on Twitch – after the game was picked up by Michael ‘shroud’ Grzesiek and Dr Disrespect.


DrLupo has played this game last year on and off-stream but that didn’t go well.

But after the developers activated in-game drops Dr Lupo again started playing this game from last week.

And on January 5 he tweeted about how happy he is playing this game and how it helped his Twitch channel in terms of view hours.

After the rant by about “lack of realism” in Escape from Tarkov by “xQc” DrLupo is the latest streamer to say something positive about the Battlestate FPS-RPG game.

He mentioned that streaming EFT to his audience has been rewarding for him.

In his tweet on January 5, he expressed his feelings about how EFT made him more engaged and happy while streaming.

He mentioned: “Streaming Tarkov has been an absolute blast,” he said. “Been hoping for a moment like this for the game. No matter how long it lasts, I hope people enjoy watching it. I haven’t been this happy streaming a game in a bit.”

In the span of the last seven days, his stream has reached an estimate of 40,000 viewers multiple times.

The numbers are similar to the live stream during the release of Fortnite.

He mentioned:

“My channel saw numbers that we haven’t in a long time, in a game I’ve had a love for since I started playing it a long time ago,” “I literally don’t know what to say other than thank you.”

The game not only affected Dr Lupo ’s channel but also the whole streaming platform – It is already the most viewed game on Twitch right now with almost 26 million hours watched, 594% up than a week before.

Pestily – EFT most popular streamer crossed six million hours milestone on his channel in the last week alone.

Let’s see if the game continues to hold this position or it falls off.

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