In a recent Twitter video Dr Disrespect slams xQc for playing Bloons Tenacious Destruction 6 on stream in front of 60,000 viewers.

Dr. Disrespect is one of the most blunt gamer in the community – he will tell you what he wants to no
matter if it costs him criticism or anything, his first and last motto is “violence, speed, and momentum.”

Recently he was trending because of criticizing mobile gamers which cost him a lot of criticism back
from the mobile gaming community and instead of apologising he releases another hilarious video.

Now he is onto one of the most controversial gamer Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel, Dr Disrespect slams xQc for
playing Bloons TD 6 a tower defence game on steam, while having a player base of over sixty thousand viewers.


This all started when Dr Disrespect posted a video of him watching xQc play the game. in the video,
we can see him staring into the abyss and wondering what the hell he is witnessing. Eventually,
he manages to let the rage take over and spit all the hot thoughts he is getting about him.

“xQc, you got 60,000 people watching you play Bloons Tenacious Destruction 6. Whatever the f**k it’s called,” he said. Then, he takes a long pause and slowly turns towards the camera.

“Are you f**king kidding me?” he says, right at the end. He posted the video on Twitter and tagged xQc. At the time of writing this the video has 15,000 views already and liked by 5,000 people, and many others left comments laughing about it.

xQc is yet to respond and explain why he was playing this game. The game itself is pretty addictive
that is why he has been spending a lot of hours playing this game.

However, we will update you if he responds to Doc, to keep getting regular updates follow us on Twitter.

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