Dr Disrespect is one of the big names when discussing the streaming industry. but our Twitch star is a little bit annoyed by “Escape from Tarkov”.

Escape from Tarkov is a game which lost its popularity at the same speed as it gained it.

The game gained popularity in December 2019 when developers started giving away free items in-game.

After that big streamers like Shroud, Summi1g, Dr Disrespect and many others picked up the game.

But as soon as January’s first week ended the game lost its hype with the removal of free items.


And, now not much of the streamers play this game despite streamers like summit1g and Dr Disrespect, both of them are still pretty much into the game.

Well, both the game hasn’t been pretty much fair with both of them.

Recently an incident took place with Dr Disrespect when he was all teamed up with summit1g in a two-man squad.

A camper killed our Twitch star when he was looting, the camper was sitting in a dark corner taking the advantage of shadows he shot dead Dr Disrespect in-game.

Dr Disrespect getting ranting players of Escape from Tarkov

After which Dr Disrespect went insane on campers and players like them who passively waits in buildings or bushes to kill someone.

“95% of players of Escape from Tarkov is like him”, he said, “and the other 5% I respect you”.

“There are a lot of you that I absolutely despise and I hate because you sit in your little corners, you ADS your little goddamn f**king tarps because you got everything memorized, right,” Dr Disrespect called out. “You got no guts. I’m pushing people with pistols and they’re backpedaling – they’re tippy tap toeing backpedaling while I’m pushing them with pistols. This f**king game man, its the only thing.”

At some point, Dr Disrespect is true because there are a lot of players in Escape from Tarkov who do not want to engage in a head-to-head fight.

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