Dr Disrespect calls out NYTimes for not listing his memoir “Violence. Speed. Momentum,” on their best seller book list and calls it a scam as he claims one of the books that sold under 5k is on the list while his book despite selling that much on the first day is not on the list.

Streaming star Dr Disrespect have taken a break from streaming to write a memoir on his streaming career.

He is an ex-Call of Duty developer turned streamer who makes it to headlines almost every week.

Most of his news covers his controversy regarding scandalous streams and his bans on the platform and games. He has mentioned all of this in his memoir titled: “KSI meets Ron Burgundy

In his statement, Dr Disrespect calls out the NYTimes saying that his book was selling like hotcakes and “billions” were waiting for a copy and he was clearly seeing his book making it to the list of bestseller list of 2021.

After the release of the first weekly list – his book was nowhere to be found and he let them know about it.

“Hey New York Times, a book that made Top 15 on your new bestseller list sold under 5,000 copies. We sold more than that first day of announcing and we didn’t even make the list? You’re a fucking scam,” he said on Twitter.

Well, there is clearly no saying on “what book he is talking about here”. However four new books have made it to the Top 15 list, one of them being Tammy Duckworth’s “Every Day Is a Gift.”

“We did [five times] more books sold than a book that premiered in Top 15 on this shitty New York Times phony massacre best sellers list. And we were completely left off the list,” he said in a now-deleted follow-up.


Dr Disrespect has made it clear – he will not stop here and accept his defeat, instead, he will keep releasing more copies of his memoir and will make it to Top 15.

“We created an objective and we blew it out of the water just to be [f**ked] in the end. I like this challenge. Game on.”

We can only wait and see whether his memoir gets listed on the NYTimes best seller list or not.

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