Doja Cat is leaving TikTok and in her statement, she mentions the reason to be “not being comfortable” on the platform anymore. However she is not the first celebrity to say so.

Doja Cat’s fame as a rapper on the platform started after one of her 2018 video “Moo” went viral
and since then she had only moved a stage up on the stairs to success with releasing two of her
viral songs ‘Juicy’ and ‘Like That.’

However, Doja Cat is leaving one of the biggest social media platform TikTok, she reveals in a series
of heartbreaking tweets on January 19.

According to her tweets she is leaving the platform because of she is done being harassed on the platform.

“I’m not comfortable making TikToks anymore,” she wrote. “I feel like something is wrong with me. Y’all got me.”

She continues that the comments made on her are “unintentionally gaslighting her,” and she has
faced similar issues earlier also.

“I have a lot of fear in me, so it just adds up in the end when I read that kind of shit,” she explained.

“It’s really my dumbass fault, cuz I put myself out there to be made fun of anyway, but it’s just reached a point for me, personally,” the rapper added. “So I’m done with the funny shit. Y’all can make fun of my music and my performances, cuz those not meant to be a joke and I’ll feel better about that.”

Doja is not the first or only rapper who is leaving TikTok for cyberbullying, earlier in 2020 rapper
Taio Cruz also left the platform for the very same reason.

After the announcement many fans started replying to her, giving her hope and telling her just
how much they love her, with one user saying, “It breaks my heart. You need to know that we love you”.

While other writes, “hey babie, don’t listen to them. their tiktoks make the lives of several kittens happier. we love you so much! you are very special.”

This is the high time when we should stop this “cyberbullying” and make internet a nice place for

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