Facebook Gaming accomplice Jeremy ‘DisguisedToast’ Wang has been banned on Twitch after apparently watching an old PUBG montage that incorporated a homophobic slur.

While DisguisedToast doesn’t utilize Twitch as much these days since his transition to Facebook Gaming, he regularly gets back to the stage to hang with his old visit in a more “Simply Chatting” design.

Be that as it may, the previous Twitch accomplice turned banner kid of Facebook Gaming has been cleaned from his old home ⁠—in any event incidentally.

The 1.8 million supporters ‘DisguisedToast’ Twitch account was banned on April 24, not long after a tremendous stream with more than 40,000 pinnacle watchers. Wang affirmed it on Twitter minutes after the fact.

“[It’s] not a big deal since I don’t usually stream there, but [it] does mean I have to avoid playing with any friends streaming for a few days,” he said on Twitter.

Toast was banned for “unmoderated hateful conduct,” which is prohibited under the platform’s Community Guidelines.

He clarified the ban was likely to do with a homophobic slur in a PUBG rage compilation he watched with his chat.


Toast won’t mess around like Valorant on-stream with his OfflineTV companions, as Twitch may likewise boycott them.

He additionally can’t play Among Us with them, the game that shot him back to fame in 2020. Nonetheless, he as of late declared that he was taking a break from the game.

Toast’s boycott will just last “a couple of days.” Typically Twitch gives over three-day suspensions for these offenses, so hope to see Toast back and chatting to his fans on April 28.

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