Disguised Toast has been banned on Twitch after broadcasting anime to his viewers amid ongoing DMCA drama.

As the DMCA drama continues more streamers are getting banned for streaming TV shows, the recent victim of this drama was Pokimane who got banned after she broadcasted Avatar: The Last Airbender to her viewers.

Now, the ban hammer has been fallen on Disguised Toast who has been banned for streaming anime to his viewers.

He was streaming Death Note during his January 10 broadcast. Despite being live for much of the day, it wasn’t until he reached episode 25 that the ban came through.

“They really couldn’t have waited 20 more minutes huh?” Toast followed up on Twitter after the strike.


Popular streamers like xQc, Hasan, and Mizkif have been focusing on Reaction streams and have been streaming multiple TV shows on their channel.

As of now, there is no word on how long is this ban. However, Pokimane’s suspension was for only two days so it would not be wrong to say that the Toast ban may also last for 48 hours.