Respawn developers have recently talked about the major level 500 bug in Apex Legends.

This bug has been causing problems after the update in which Apex Legends increased the level cap.

It was kind of banned the level of 500 players in-game

In other words, whenever a level 500 players try to join the game, this glitch won’t let him connect to the game server.

Level 500 is the topmost level in Apex Legends.

And like almost every game you get achievements, rewards and etc after reaching the top level, which you can show off to your friends.

But unfortunately, Apex legends players aren’t able to do any of them.

We have recently spotted another glitch in the game which almost felt like Bloodhound “Beast of the Hunt” ultimate update.

Respawn Entertainment developers responds to Level 500 bug in Apex Legends

So, after noticing this glitch in-game many players asked Respawn to fix this and on January 17 the developers of the game replied saying “A new update is on the way which will fix this issue”.

‘Garza’ Respawn’s Community coordinator mentioned that the patch was supposed to release on 16th January, but it got delayed for some reasons.

Garza Replies to Players on Level 500 Bug in Apex Legends

“This did not go out last night as intended as issues and concerns arose. will continue to update this thread when I get more info. Sorry,”

Garza said hinting further delay on the patch note.

The exact time of the patch is still to be fixed but, Apex Legends developers have mentioned that they are currently working on the patch and soon release in-game.

This reply from developers will be slight relief for players who were unable to play the game at all.

But Apex Legends is becoming full of bugs day by day and this needs to be stopped, it disturbs both game and player’s experience.

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