After hours of Apex Legends season 5 update Developers have finally revealed why there are no new guns in Apex Legends Season 5.

According to Apex tradition there is a new gun every Season or every big patch update since
the beginning but this time things have changed. Players were ready to get there hands on
new weapons as there were couple of leaks about the new gun couple of weeks before this

Respawn Developers says that the season 5 will be “the first season Apex doesn’t get a new weapon,” according to them, adding new weapons every update will not do any good to the
game. But this doesn’t means that players won’t be getting any new weapons.

There were leaks about Volt SMG to be next new weapon in Season 5

No new guns in Apex Legends Season 5?

“We stepped back and asked ourselves: does Apex need a new weapon every season? If we continue to add new weapons, the weapon pool will become saturated,” the devs explained in their May 12 post.

According to developers, there is a fine line between a good amount of weapons and pile of
weapons and according to them, there battle royale game is currently at the perfect spot
with an equivalent number of weapons and legends to choose and play with.

The Apex producer revealed there would be “no new weapon to start the season” this time. Fans started making theories out of his statement; one would arrive later ⁠— unfortunately, this looks to have been destroyed too.

According to the developers there were some options like “vaulting” weapons and re-releasing them in later patch update like Fortnite, but they believe that there is no place
for such vaulting of weapons in Apex Legends.

Sentinel is the last new weapon in-game

“Vaulting weapons is not an option, because players have purchased skins,” they said. “We are forced to be more creative. We had some ideas on how to address it, but we need more time to test them, and make sure they are healthy.”

They also confirms in the post that there will be new weapons in future, they says,“We want to
make sure the weapons we add have real value to the gameplay. We have some fun stuff in
the works. Our weapons team is hard at work.”

Well, maybe this season there are no new guns in Apex Legends but surely there are many
other weapons which are buffed – Alternator and the RE-45 also there are weapons which
are nerfed – The Longbow, Wingman, and Havoc.

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