Riot Games’ developers have officially revealed how Valorant’s Competitive mode will work and when it will be released in beta version.

Recently we got some leaks on Valorant’s Competitive mode ranks, but it is still a conspiracy
how this mode will work, but now we know how it will work but players will have to wait for a
couple more weeks/updates to finally get into the competitive scene.

According to Riot’s Ian “Brighteyz” Fielding blog post, Competitive Play would be coming to Valorant with patch 0.49.

How Valorant’s Competitive mode will work?

In his blog post, he writes, “VALORANT’s Competitive mode uses the same in-game rules and
format as the Unrated mode, but with a focus on higher-stakes competition,”

He adds, “VALORANT’s competitive system is still in its early stages, and we plan to evolve it
over time, but we have a core experience we wanted to share with you all in closed beta so
that we can build and evolve the mode together.”

According to him, Unrated matches will be available throughout beta version but competitive
mode will be down for some time after launching because they would need to do some extra
work as per players suggestion/issues.

Well, there is a bad news according to Riot, your beta competitive rank would hold no value
after games’ official launch in Summer 2020.

Some instructions for Valorant’s competitive mode

There is a total of 8 ranks in Valorant’s Competitive mode, each rank is split into three tiers: Iron, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, Immortal, and the top rank VALORANT.

Rank up and Rank down secrets aren’t revealed just like CS:GO where rank up and rank down
depends on how you perform in every match.

According to data from Riot, solo performance in starting will give you a slight boost in
ranking up but it will decrease as you will proceed through ranks.

Valorant’s competitive mode will come with patch 0.49 patch update, apparently the recent
patch update was 0.47 so there is only one between to finally have access to competitive
mode but we have no idea when this 0.48 update will release.

So this was all on how Valorant’s competitive mode will work, for more information and daily updates keep connected on our Twitter.

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