David Dobrik YouTube vlogs are returning he confirms the information during an interview on Jimmy Fallon’s Tonight Show.

As we all are fighting a Global Pandemic many lifesytle vloggers and
content creators are unable to keep up with there content in this
Lockdown situation.

One of these Lifestyle vloggers is famous David Dobrik who usually makes
content around his friends, going out in Los Angeles and talking to strangers
basically being extremely social.

However, due to this Lockdown and Global Pandemic David Dobrik YouTube
channel is almost dead as he has posted only one video on his main channel
since March 11.


When are David Dobrik YouTube vlogs returning?

And Jimmy Fallon brought up this question during his virtual Tonight Show
with David, and we have our answers of when his vlogs will be retuning.

Answering the question Dobrik says that he doesn’t want to upload
“watered-down” versions of his vlogs and that now he have a timeline for
when he will start uploading vlogs regularly.

“I actually set a goal for myself,” he told Fallon. “There’s a bar down the street that we always go to and, once it’s reopened at full capacity, I will start making videos again.”

Fallon himself confirms during his virtual show that the bar is Saddle Ranch, where he and his friends regularly hang out and are the backdrop for many of their videos.

Clip starts at 5:07

However, this is good news for all his fans and subscribers, because
they soon will be getting some fresh content from their favourite vlogger
to live out this Lockdown.

There is still no confirmation on the exact date but we do now know that it
is very soon that we will be getting notifications from his YouTube Channel.

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