YouTube stars David Dobrik & IShowSpeed has recently done a collaboration where both of them are giving away 10 Teslas.

IshowSpeed is one name among the most popular YouTubers in the world, his journey on YouTube after getting banned from Amazon-owned streaming platform Twitch in 2021 has been a rocket ride, he is among one of the fastest-growing creators on YouTube.

In addition to his unique content, he has also been trying out some collaborations with other influencers, one of those recent collaborations was his dropping a viral song with Kai Cenat which got mixed reviews from the fans.

Now IShowSpeed is once again doing a collaboration with another YouTuber David Dobrik.

David Dobrik is also a very well-known YouTube star, but he has been very much silent over the recent past years on the platform. However, he is still very much active on his TikTok and Instagram accounts, and his recent video on TikTok is sending fans for a loop.

What is IShowSpeed and David Dobrik Collaboration about?

On May 4, David Dobrik dropped a video on his TikTok account featuring him along with IShowSpeed where both the YouTubers announces an upcoming collaboration with a certain company to giveaway 10 Teslas.

Fans are still wondering how Speed managed to get David Dobrik onboard on this collaboration considering he has not been really making YouTube videos for such a long time.

“Man, come back, make vlogs again,” one despondent fan wrote in a comment.

“ISHOWSPEED?” another exclaimed, seemingly in disbelief at the collaboration.

However, some of the fans were disappointed that David didn’t make a vlog about his meetup with Speed, with one writing, “When he said go check it out, I checked his channel thinking there was a new video.”


For now, it does not really look like that there will be any upcoming videos from David on his YouTube channel. However, the giveaway is supposed to last Ten days which means there is still a bit of hope for fans.

So that is all on the collaboration between two of YouTube’s biggest stars.

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