Danielle Cohn and Mikey Tua have made their breakup official and here is what has happened to both of them even after getting matching tattoos.

Danielle Cohn is one of the biggest TikTok stars with 18.7 million followers and more than 4 million
followers on Instagram, she is also one of the oldest member of TikTok – she is on the platform since
it was originally musical.ly.

Mikey and Danielle relations has been point of controversy many times because of their age difference.
Danielle is 16 while Mikey is 18 and this has attracted a lot of criticism from public time to time.

Things really messed up when back in in July, Danielle had an abortion. Although Mikey was allegedly not
involved, it started a wave of concern from fans after the star’s age had also been called into question when
her Dad revealed that she was born in 2006.

The TikToker’s relationship has a lot of ups and downs leading to their breakup in 2019 and reuniting in
April, and this time it felt like they were more like a never breakable bond because in September, Danielle
revealed on Instagram that they’d got tattoos together where one said ‘To the moon’ and the other said ‘…forever.’

Danielle Cohn and Mikey Tua breakup story

In a post to TikTok Danielle revealed pictures of what her dream wedding would look like and then pointed the camera to Mikey with the caption “Most of all for him to be the person I’m marrying.”

But everything changed when fans noticed on Tuesday, December 1 that Mikey appeared in one of Kelliane
Stankus’ TikToks taking part in a trend where creators move to one side of the screen or the other based on
whether they’re single or not. To fans’ surprise, Mikey moved to the single side.

Danielle also posted a video taking part in the same trend and moved over to the single side alongside her
friend and fellow influencer Desiree Montoya.

Well, fans did not take this lightly, and everyone started mentioning their Tattoos. Let’s see when they make this public but they have already given the hint.

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