D’Amelio family is giving away money to all of their subscribers after winning Mr. Beast’s Creator Games trivia contest on YouTube stirred up some controversy.

D’Amelio family is one of the most popular families on social media, with Charlie having over 104
million followers at the time of writing and her sister Dixie has 47.8 million followers. As a result, the
family as a whole has been known for setting many trends.

Well, the family has not been part of any controversies lately but in October they were questioned
by their fans after winning Mr. Beast’s Creator Games, scoring a massive $300,000 for their fans in
the process.

Many critics accused the D’Amelio’s of cheating, referring to moments during the broadcast where Dixie appeared to be looking at her phone for answers to the Games’ trivia questions or claiming that the girls’ parents looked up the answers for them (who had initially not been invited to participate).


The sisters did replied to all those accusations on their podcast 2 Chix, Charli mentions, “I feel like that was just a big misunderstanding. People also think we’re keeping the money, which is 100% not true.”

And as a whole, the family replied to these accusations saying that they will be donating all the
amount to their YouTube subscribers in January every day.

Now that we are already 10 days past January 2021, D’Amelio family is finally giving away money to their fans, posting the social media handles of the winners online. In the first installment, the D’Amelio family tweeted “As you may have heard we won Mr. Beast’s Creator Games trivia contest on YouTube. We won $300K to be given to our YouTube subscribers.

“We decided to give $10K a day for the month of Jan. Congratulations to the first group of our $10K a day winners. More to come this week!”

This is the list of first 10 winners and in case you want to win $10k everyday for the rest of January,
you just need to be subscribed to D’Amelio Family YouTube channel and they will automatically opt
you in.

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