YouTubers and family “Daily Bumps” are facing huge criticism over their reaction video on oldest sons’ report card.

Family channels are the new thing on YouTube and it is growing insanely day by day.

There are now a lot of channels like ‘Ace Family’, sharing there day to day family life to millions of users.

And ‘Daily Bumps’ is one of those YouTuber Families, they have 4.96 million subscribers (at the time of writing this article).

They share vlogs and original music videos on their youtube channel.

But, this time it is not there music video which has gone viral instead, it is there new vlog uploaded on January 29 which is attracting criticism from the community.


The video was about Lanning’s “Daily Bumps” reacting to their oldest son school report card, later they changed the title of the video.

“LETTER FROM THE PRINCIPAL!” is the new title of the video.

In the video mother, Missy Lanning reads out loud his oldest son Oliver’s grades, including his grades for behaviour with other kids etc.

Daily Bumps reacting to son’s report card video

The video part starts at 6:10

But, the grades weren’t the problem in fact all grades were positive.

The video went viral because of its content, “Using Son’s report card for content” is it a proper thing to do?

“Imagine coming home with your report card and your parents do a react video,” reporter Taylor Lorenz said of the upload.

After her tweet, everybody started replying to why this was a bad idea.

Mark Vang said- “Oliver’s parents might want to consider the videos Oliver will be recording about them when he’s a teenager.”


Some users also showed concerned about the mental impact on the child. one user said- “Imagine the damage we’re doing to our children by parading them all over the internet without their consent. We won’t know for another decade or so.”

The hate or criticism wasn’t all that they were receiving, it seems like their YouTube fans liked this content idea, as the video has 4.5k likes at the time of writing this article.

Comment down below what could be the possible impact on children in the near future.

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