In the Hogwarts Legacy, the Daedalian Keys are used to open the cabinet in the house and complete the corresponding side quest. This Daedalian Key locating guide is for you if you’re having difficulties finding them and opening the house chest.

There are a total of 16 hidden Daedalian Keys throughout the realm of Hogwarts Legacy.

Locating them all is a difficult task, especially for those who are familiar with all of the game’s prominent places.

Nevertheless, if you discover every key and open all of the cabinets in the house in the game, you will be rewarded with your own costume.

Hence, if you want to know where all the Daedalian keys are and how to open house chests, follow our handy location guide.

What are Daedalian Keys in Hogwarts Legacy?

The Daedalian Key is a magical flying key that allows the player to enter Hogwarts housing cabinets.

There are 16 Daedalian Keys in total, and you must keep track of them all if you wish to open the house chest in your common room.

Guide to open House Cabinets in Hogwarts Legacy?

To be able to open locked doors, you must first master the Alohomora spell before you can open every drawer in the Hogwarts Legacy. By finishing the main tale, you can gain access to this crucial spell.

After finishing the “Welcome to Hogsmeade” story quest, you’ll need to speak with Nellie Oggspire, who will appear in the Astronomical Tower. The Daedalian Key will show on the map once you have finished speaking with her.


Simply use Revelio to open each Daedalian Key and follow it until the key reaches its destination to open each cabinet in the mansion. When the key arrives at the house’s cupboard, you must wait until it points to the keyhole. When it does, simply tap it to open the cabinet.

It is vital to remember that each House Cabinet will award you with one House Token, so make sure to collect all of them for the benefits detailed later in our guide.

List of all Daedalian Key locations in Hogwarts Legacy

Every Daedlian Key location in Hogwarts Legacy can be found below.

Astronomy Tower Daedalian Key location

The first Daedalian key can be found in the Astronomical Tower. Climb the wooden steps to the planetarium and proceed to the cabinet.

Defence Against the Dark Arts Daedalian Key

Go to the Defense Against the Dark Arts Tower and climb the stairs across from the Skeleton and Globe. Noi stood near the group of students talking.

Potions Classroom Daedalian Key

Fast travel to the potions room and go straight through the wooden door, then use the stairs on the left to find the cabinet in the house.

Central Hall Daedalian Key (1)

Go down the stairs and turn right at the unicorn statue Go down the stairs and run to the left to find the key Now run to the end of the hallway to find the cupboard.

Central Hall Daedalian Key (2)

Go up the stairs and look behind the small stairs on the right Go down the stairs and turn right.


The Great Hall Daedalian Key (1)

Go to the great hall and exit through the wooden door leading to the entrance The cabinet will be on the stairs to your right.

The Great Hall Daedalian Key (2)

The house cabinet in the Great Room is at the top of the stairs, facing the fireplace.

The Great Hall Daedalian Key (3)

Follow the door that leads straight out into the Great Hall and down the stairs to the Snake Statue. Turn around and follow the key until it reaches the bottom of the stairs.

Faculty Tower Daedalian Key (1)

Fast travel to the trainer tower and take the stairs to the room with the balloons Now go back downstairs and unlock the cabinet in the house behind the stairs.

Faculty Tower Daedalian Key (2)

Climb the stairs of the faculty tower until you see a corridor with magical paintings The key will be at the end of the hallway and you’ll have to follow it to the cabinet in front of the bronze statue.

Library Daedalian Key

Fast travel to the library and make a right towards the fireplace. The Daedalian Key will then fly to the opposite side of the screen from where you began.


Grand Staircase Tower Daedalian Key

Go down the magic stairs until you see the key flying next to the painting Woman thinking. Just follow the key up the stairs until you reach the locker.

Clock Tower Courtyard Daedalian Key

Use Alohomora on the locked door in the clock tower’s courtyard. After unlocking the door, go up the stairs until you see the key in the corner of the room Continue up the stairs and go higher in the clock tower to find the cabinet.

Bell Tower Courtyard Daedalian Key

Move quickly to the bell tower courtyard, climb the first stairs, and open the wooden door, the key will be suspended in the air between the two pillars Once you’ve used Revelio, follow the key up the stairs

The Map Chamber Daedalian Key (1)

This Daedalian key can be found by going up the spiral staircase and in the hallway stacked with cauldrons Follow the key into the room with the wine barrel.

The Map Chamber Daedalian Key (2)

The final Daedalian Key is located in the room with the Sleeping Dragon Statue, accessible by going through the same corridor you access to get the first Chamber Map Key. Just follow the Daedalian Key up the stairs to unlock the cabinet in the house.

How can I open the House Chest in Hogwarts Legacy?


You can finally unlock the chest in your common room if you’ve opened all of the cabinets in the house and acquired all 16 house tokens.

Simply run over it and push the interactive button to begin installing the badges for each house.

You’ll be rewarded with your own Family Uniform upon completion, which you may equip from the Equip menu.

While the house uniform does not provide any stat or defense advantages, it does look nice and emphasizes your witcher prowess.

So there you have it, every Daedalian Key location and how to open house chests in the Hogwarts Legacy.

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