Cyberpunk gears and weapons are not the cheapest and thanks to a duplicate item glitch you can now clone your Cyberpunk 2077 items free of cost.

Cyberpunk 2077 features a ton of items – gears and weapons while many of them are cheap but the
special ones are very costly and a majority of players just can not afford it.

However, players are constantly finding new ways to get free weapons like a couple of days ago they
found a super cool trick to earn a lot of cash in just a couple of minutes. And this new glitch/trick lets
players duplicate their Cyberpunk 2077 items infinitely.

This duplication exploit is a treat for everyone no matter – if you want to be the richest person in the
city or just want to buy expensive cars, you can clone Legendary weapons, mods, Cyberware, and crafting materials.

How to clone items in Cyberpunk 2077

Players are constantly searching the Night City in order to find the game’s best loot but they are very
hard to find specifically if you’re after Legendary mods and rare crafting materials, however no matter
what the main goal is you will need this exploit to save some of your time and money.

TagBackTV’s is the main finder of this trick/glitch. Cyberpunk’s mods are one-time use which makes
legendary variants a big commitment – after all, you can’t simply remove them from your weapons
and clothes when you’ve attached them.

In order to duplicate any items, simply follow the steps outlined below:

  1. Save your game first.
  2. Head over to any Drop Point.
  3. Sell the Untitled 18 painting and one of each item you wish to duplicate.
  4. Exit the Drop point.
  5. Head back over to the Drop Point and hit the options and sell button at the same time.

After performing each step correctly you will notice that the Drop Point sell screen has become transparent.

The Drop Point itself will be visible behind the screen and you will be able to begin duplicating your items. Once this screen has come up, follow the instructions below:

  1. Repurchase all the Untitled 18 paintings.
  2. Repurchase all your previously sold items (will cost money)
  3. Sell the copies of the duplicated paintings to make more money.

Now you can easily duplicate as many legendary weapons and gears as you want, to stay connected to us follow us on Twitter.

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