YouTuber 3kliksphilip claims that CSGO’s Deagle is the most accurate weapon in the game despite the outrage of players demanding a buff.

3kliksphilip dives straight into the debate of “does Deagle needs a buff”, the $800 pistol has been a hot topic
in the CSGO community because of being overpowered, but many players believe that the pistol is old
and need some buff to relive again.

However, the YouTuber comes infront to defend the weapon’s state and completely denies these claims and also backs up his statements with solid proofs.

These claims are coming from a subreddit /r/globaloffensive where players are expressing their points on
why CSGo’s Deagle strictly needs a buff.


“The Desert Eagle is flawed. Not because it is overpowered or underpowered, but because its intention is missed by the developers. It is supposed to be a high skill, high reward type of gun. Yet that doesn’t seem to be the case,” one post by Woody_S said.

Completely denying these claims he says that these are not based on facts but they are just personal opinions.

In a video posted on November 27 he says, “I think it’s dangerous to see older games as to what CS:GO should aspire to imitate. Compared to any other game in existence, CS:GO’s weapons have been far more rigorously balanced to ensure they all serve some sort of purpose,”.

“All those frags you’ve seen from pros are as much luck as anything else. There was one difference back then, and that was the second shot fired was just as precise as the first.”

He then goes on to prove is point about why the gun is one of the most accurate in the game, beating out all
other pistols, and even most of the rifles. While it’s never claimed to be the “most accurate,” it’s still
“surprisingly accurate,” like the weapon’s description says.

“The gun has never claimed to be the most accurate in the game, not by a long shot. The Deagle does live up
to its expectation of being surprisingly accurate though.”


If you are following CSGO from a very long time, you must know this that Valve released a revolver “R8”
which was supposed to be the pistol sniper but unfortunately it didn’t go up to the mark and was soon
ignored by the community and now the community wants that ideal gun to be the Deagle, which Philip believes is illogical.

“For what people want from the Deagle, you’d be better off making an entirely new weapon to fulfil these criteria. But Valve did make a new weapon ⁠— they made the Revolver, which players can opt for instead of a Deagle, but don’t because it’s a bit rubbish.”

The CSGO’s Deagle is not getting any buff or changes anytime soon and 3kliksphilip wants the community to
realise that the Deagle is in a better spot than ever before. He used a side-by-side of 1.6 vs CS:GO as a
comparison, and the Deagle in the 2012 release is far more accurate.

“As far as competitive Counter-Strike goes, RNG has always had a part to play with the Deagle. Those wanting less of the random element should be praising the gun for the state that it’s in right now in CS:GO in 2020.”

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