CSGO Wallhack? the recent visibility update introduced a new option “Boost Player Contrast’ it allows players to see more clearly in low contrast areas, however, it turns out that the new feature also reveals player behind walls.

Players are very much praising the overall new update, but a Redditor ‘TimSchumi’
reveals that CSGO now have official wallhack.

In the clip, we can see a subtle but crucial glitch that lets eagle-eyed players make
out the figure of a Global Offensive model behind an object.

However, the CSGO Wallhack is not that much visible until you holds an angle for
10-20 sec, after that you can see a transparent outline of player model behind objects.

These kind of disadvantages can cost any terrorist a round when he is holding an
after plant position – making sure that no CT gets to diffuse the bomb.

Although, the Redditor was unable to re-create the scene every time, they
did it once while using different methods to re-create it, they say ” “it doesn’t always show up when watching the replay from the original clip.”

However, there are already many players who are expressing their views on
why this glitch is happening and how developers have quite some time to fix
this before someone finds a reliable method to re-create this bug.

“The only explanation I came up with: halo effect is applied (or meant to be) when the game assumes you have seen more than 50% of the enemy model,” user ‘TheStratum’ explained. “However this percent calculation goes wrong and halo is applied when you only see a little.”

The bug is very difficult to re-create and that player will take sometime
to figure out the very exact method till then developers can address this
issue and fix it because in the near future it will break the game because
there will be no safe after-plant situation.

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