CSGO Source 2 upgrade cancelled? the rumours about the cancellation have surfaced after game’s developers stop working on major engine update.

2012 was the release date of one of the most played and loved FPS game around
the globe – CSGO, it was designed on the original Source engine build eight years
ago, and it looks the game developers have opt not to upgrade to the Source 2

The rumours about this upgrade were much more frequent in April and May when
Valve News Network owner Tyler McVicker even pinpointed May 18 as an exact date for the CSGO engine upgrade.

However now it looks like all those rumours were fake and Tyler may need a new
date for this upgrade.


CSGO Source 2 upgrade is officially cancelled now

tidbits have a reputable history of accurate leaks, the Valve fanatic has since explained how the Source 2 update “is not happening.”

“There was a meeting and they made a decision,” he said. The reason behind the project’s cancellation is simply that it was “too much work,” according to McVicker. “As of now, it’s not happening. They’re not going to do it.”

In the past we have witnessed Fortnite moving on to a new engine with better
graphics and the leaked lines of codes from Dota 2 was also hinting about improved rendering, shadows, and skyboxes.

According to McVicker there is only one reason which prevented the transition. “They have a build…they’ve had a build for like two years,” he explained. “It’s not that they can’t port the game…they can’t port the community content.”

There is no denying that CSGO have a huge never ending library of Community
maps and game modes which have become a huge part of CSGO over the period
of time and it is the only thing holding back this transition.

“They have no means of allowing the massive backlog of community created CS:GO content to be easily played and ported. If they ever figure that out, then it will happen. But as of now…not happening.”

Anyhow, maybe the update is not coming anytime soon but developers will eventually find a way to make this transition happen and we have to only wait now.

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