CS:GO tips and tricks

Counter-Strike Global Offensive(CS: GO) is a kind of game in which your strategy, teamwork, accuracy, economy control and ability to stay calm in intense situations are all needed every round. So here are some CSGO tips & tricks

In this list, I have listed all the tips which can help you get better day by day.

If you are already an experienced player you will still get to know something new and useful for your game.

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There are some factors which you need to master yourself.

  1. Game sense: Most part of the game depends on your game sense. You can develop game sense by playing more and try to read the map because I have seen a lot of players even players who are playing it for a couple of years they don’t use the map at all.
  2. Staying Calm: If you get panicked in a clutch situation and due to this you can even lose 1v1 with the enemy having lower HP then you.

Let’s get started with the Do’s and Don’t.  This list is made by keeping in mind that you are just a beginner in the game and stuck at silver.

How to improve in csgo

csgo tips and tricks
  1. Do be friendly if-then enemy team have won more rounds than you. You have 85% chances of a comeback if you don’t lose hope.
  2. Do practise recoil training maps for AK and M4A1 as these are the two most used weapons in the game. CS: GO recoil training map name: Recoil Master.
  3. Do Make prefireing a common habit.
  4. On Playing  T side whenever you are going to plant and you know there is an enemy around you try to fake the plant once and bait him out.
  5. On Playing CT side if you don’t know where T’s are hiding after bomb plant, try to fake defuse and bait them out or always defuse with a smoking bomb.
  6. Whenever you get rushed don’t use smoke because it will not stop them rather use counter flashes it will buy you some time to call back up and position yourself.
  7. Do use Molotov to clear common hiding spots like on mirage under palace on banana wooden logs.
  8. Do use Molotov in after plant situation to cover bomb.
  9. Try to learn different Planting positions and how to use them. Don’t Plant safe every time because it is not gonna help you in a clutch situation whereas a better plant can help you win the round.
  10. Do Support your teammate with flashes which can get him a kill or two.
  11. Do learn a different kind of smokes on T Side. I will be posting these on Instagram so make sure to follow us.
  12. Do eco rounds if you have lost 2 or 3 buy rounds.
  13. Do watch and try to learn from the pros.
  14. Improve your movement because the movement is essential in any situation
Csgo pro tips

CS: GO tips & tricks What are not to do points in either CT or T side

Csgo don'ts
  1. Don’t keep your aim at the legs level or ground level because then you will need to adjust your aim when the enemy jumps in front of you.
  2.   Don’t peek bomb instantly when you hear defuse sound always peek after 2 or 3 seconds because it can be a fake defuse.
  3. Don’t shift walk when the enemy already knows your position.
  4. Don’t reload in between fight change to pistol instead because it will take less time.
  5. Don’t peek with an unloaded gun having 5 or 6 bullets.
  6. Don’t buy helmets when you know enemies have AK or AWP rather spend that money on a good weapon.
  7. Don’t use eco rounds when you know enemies don’t have much money and you have nearly 3500$ to 4000$.
  8. Don’t eco after you lose the pistol round on T or CT site(unless you got a plant on T side)
  9. Don’t stand close to your teammate who is awping because he is peeking a close angle and if he misses his shot then he want to strafe back and if he gets blocked by you he gonna die instantly.
  10. Don’t peek with a bomb because it will call rotations as soon as they spot the bomb instead try to drop it on a safer place where it is accessible to your teammates.
  11. Don’t peek with W key always jiggle peek.
  12. Don’t run with nade/flashes in your hand try running with the knife out.
  13. Don’t team flash or try to burn your teammates with your wrong Molotov.

These are the Do’s and Don’ts I think are useful for csgo tips and tricks section if you think I have missed something please comment down below your tips.

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