CSGO pro Oscar ‘mixwell’ Cañellas revealed that he was banned on Valorant due to triggering anti-cheat system while streaming.

Valorant is not completely released for public right now, and this feeling of being limited
had pushed my content creators to get there hands on the game early.

There are a number of content creators who are already grinding the new FPS tactical
shooter game and amongst them is CSGO pro Oscar ‘mixwell’ Cañellas who is reportedly
banned from the game and becomes the first-ever pro player to get banned.

It happens during his April 16 Twitch Broadcast, where he was showcasing his skills from CSGO on Valorant.

Mixwell is a very known CSGO awper

After securing a win he went to charge his phone using his CPU’s USB port and somehow the
connection of a new device to the computer triggered Riot Game’s anti-cheat ‘Vanguard’ and
kicks him out of the game.

Mixwell banned on Valorant

He was surprised when he came to know about the reason and called out Riot Games to
unlock his account so that he can stream the game again for his viewers.

“I connected my USB charger to my phone and I got disconnected by the anti-cheat, can you unlock me please?” he asked.


Soon he finds out that the same problem has happened with many other players and one of
them being G2 Esports streamer Lothar who was also kicked out of the game for the same reason.

He says, “Apparently something similar happened to @LotharHS and more people, I will have to wait and I wanted to play so BAD.”

Till the time of writing this article, Mixwell is not unbanned.

Well, the reason for the ban is quite silly and Riot games must look into their Anti-Cheat system before the official launch of the game in Summer 2020.

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