CSGO bot Vladimir toggles on to clutch a 4v5 must-win round with easy 4 kills for Counter-Terrorists during a FACEIT match.

Bots in CSGO are not much intelligent or powerful and you may see teams holding them at
spawn as the round starts so they can revive a dead teammate.

They Bots plays at the worst level possible that sometimes they don’t even move while
getting shot, there is only a rare chance when bots get kills or clutch the round.

However, this is nowhere to be seen in any FACEIT match until April 26.

This happens during a match between two teams “Sos070” & “FredeNewG”, Team Ct – FredeNewG were one man short for a couple of rounds and the score was at 14-14 when
the saviour bot Vladimir holding B-site from CT shows a 4k clutch which shocks all the 9
players on the map.

It looks like CSGO bot Vladimir toggles on but it is not.


CSGO Bot Vladimir toggles on?

The 5-man T-side were flanking b site from Ivy to Ct Spawn to B site when Vladimir
destroyed all their hopes with his holy M4A4.

He turns back after hearing footsteps and takes down the first man and right after that
other three-player gets in the line of sight of the spray.

Neither the T-side nor Ct-side can believe what they just witnessed, everyone wen insane
spamming “what the hell”, “What” etc.

This was the most crucial round for Ct-side because after that T-side’s economy wasn’t that
good and it was an easy pick round for the Cts.

Well, there is no FACEIT match history but we do believe that after a round like this CTs would
have taken Victory home.

This was the most insane clutch by any bot because the round was crucial for both CT and T.

The AI’s in deathmatch was little bit buffed in deathmatches but this wasn’t for any other
matchmaking, however, maybe the recent updates gave some touch to these AI bots also.

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