David Dobrik is one of the top YouTube vloggers around the globe but he has been inactive for a long time. But it feels like he might be planning a comeback soon, here is why we are saying this.

Dobrik was one of the most consistent and energetic YouTube vloggers. He has a fan base of over 20 million subscribers.

However, the star has seen a downfall and has not been active since February after an ex-vlog squad member – the crew of buddies that you might have seen multiple times in his vlogs claimed that he was forced to act in a prank that he did not agree to.


Soon afterwards, a lot of other former Vlog Squad members, YouTubers, and fans came out with allegations against Dobrik, with influencer Duerte Dom even facing allegations of sexual assault that purportedly occurred during one of Dobrik’s video shoots.

As a result of this drama, he lost all his sponsors and hundreds of thousands of subscribers, and his “two apologies” video also did not work.

However, Vlog Squad member and streamer Corinna Kopf may have revealed Dobrik’s return time to YouTube in her podcast announcement Livestream.

During the broadcast, Kopf claimed that she might appear on an episode of Dobrik’s ‘VIEWS’ podcast in June, although she gave no specific date as to when this might happen.

“I might do David’s podcast, maybe,” she said. “In June, maybe. We’ll see. If I do a podcast, it’ll be David’s.”

Well, this is obviously not the first time she has revealed the potential comeback of David Dobrik on YouTube,  in a now-deleted interview with paparazzi last month, Kopf claimed that she was “sure” the YouTuber would make a comeback, and that he was doing “good” in spite of the controversies surrounding him.

Dobrik himself has not been too much active on social media and people have been continuously talking negatively about him and even if he is planning to make a comeback through a podcast, it would be interesting to see how viewers accept him.

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