COD Warzone secret poison bombs are hidden all around Verdansk which was unnoticed until yet after the Season 5 update.

Call of Duty Warzone Season 5 update was a huge success with tons of map changes
but there were also many secrets in the patch notes which we have clearly that we
didn’t know about.

These new surprises include, gulag weapon adjustments without any mention in the
patch note, Buy station prices were tweaked a little bit and now there is a new secret
surprise for all Warzone players.

COD Warzone secret poison bombs

In the latest season, explosive canisters can be found all across Verdansk. Though barely a handful of players have even stopped to notice the secret items.

What?!?! Throwable Gas Canisters from r/CODWarzone

Well you can actually use these canisters, throw them a great distance, then shoot them to set off an enormous explosion. They’ve seemingly been hidden around the map since the beginning of Season 5

Players can pick them up, drop them, and ‘start a fuse’ according to button prompts that appear when interacting with the items. 

There’s also another variant of the throwable item, the Poison Canister. Instead of dealing explosive damage, this secret weapon creates a cloud of toxic gas in a large area. Anyone caught inside will presumably take damage over time.

At the time of writing this, there is no saying why these items were kept a
secret and how rare they are.

They are also not the most valuable additions in Warzone and also not the most
powerful ones, maybe they might play a role in an upcoming easter egg as we
get set for the transition to Black Ops Cold War.

It looks like developers love adding these secret gas without mentioning it.

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