A leaked game menu image of CoD Warzone revealing duos and Squad modes is breaking the internet.

In the image, we can clearly spot duos and squad modes along with some custom game options.

The first-ever update of CoD Warzone introduced solos mode in-game on March 17.

Till now there is only solos and trios mode available in-game.

But a new leaked image is pointing towards the introduction of the two-man and four-man squad.

Duos and Squad modes are essential for any battle royale game because it is more fun when you play with your friends.

CoD Warzone: Leaked Duos and Squad modes

The leaked image is posted by ModernWarzone on Twitter where he mentioned a discord user who has originally posted this image.

In the image, we can clearly see the option of customizing game and choosing either to play two-man squad or four-man squad.

Moreover, we can also customize the rules of the matches.

This was something players were requesting CoD Warzone from a long time and it looks like they are finally fulfilling their wish.

It all makes more sense because Warzone’s competitors like Fortnite, PUBG etc already have Duos and Squad mode.

When will Duos and Squad mode added to CoD Warzone?

The confirmed date is unknown, but players are suggesting that the update might be rolling out on Tuesday.

The latest update CoD Warzone got was on Tuesday, March 17 so the next update may be coming on Tuesday, March 24.

Tuesday is the rumoured date of duos and squads update

And if there are leaked photos of Warzone duos and squads then they might be just around the corner.

The game has already crossed more than 30 million downloads.

And people are enjoying solos and trios but developers need to roll out other modes also to keep the hype going.

This will not only attract more players but also help CoD Warzone make it place in the long run of battle royale games.

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