A helicopter is the best way to travel across the map in CoD Warzone, and in this guide, we have covered up all the locations where you can find them.

Helicopters are the most badass vehicles to chase and kill your enemies.

But before you plan to do that you need to know all the locations where you can find them.

In CoD Warzone there are a total of 5 vehicles which are accessible for use.

  • ATV.
  • Tactical Rover.
  • SUV.
  • Cargo Truck.
  • Helicopter.

However, out of all these 5 vehicles, only 1 vehicle has the ability to conquer the sky.

Which makes the competition to take control of the helicopter higher.

And just in case if you don’t have any idea of the locations, you are very likely to get shot from the sky.

Now, there are a total of 8 locations where you can find these helicopters. Many of them are located in the centre of the map.

Some of these locations are in hot zone areas like Verdansk Port and the Prison complex, but there are also some less crowded areas.

So, here are all the Helicopter locations in CoD Warzone, choose your dropping zone according to this.

CoD Warzone Helicopter Locations

CoD Warzone Helicopter Locations

  • Gora Dam
  • Arklov Peak
  • Airport Maintenance
  • TV Station
  • Downtown Tavorsk District
  • Hospital
  • Verdansk Port
  • Zordaya Prison Complex

It looks like the aircraft spawn locations follow a diagonal line from one end to another.

The best spot to go if you are just a beginner in the game will be near Dam because it is the most isolated area.

A helicopter can perform a big role in combats whether it is keeping an eye on enemy movement or airstrike.

You can always use helicopters according to your situation, you can use it for early rotations.

The 4 aircraft spawn spots in the middle of the map are most vulnerable helipads to target. because they grab a lot of attention from 150 players.

However, these are all your CoD Warzone Helicopter’s locations.

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