cod -warzone_-gulag-players-request-developers-to-revert-changes

CoD Warzone: Gulag recently received some changes where players can use Assault Rifles and SMGs also other than usual Handgun and almost everyone is unsatisfied with this and are requesting for a revert.

CoD Warzone is the first-ever free-to-play title from Call of Duty franchise, and it
has been a huge success for the franchise, the military-style battle royale has some
unique features and one of them is Gulag.

CoD Warzone: Gulag is a 1v1 arena where you get a chance to respawn back into the
game after getting eliminated, you and your squad both benefits from it because it
not only gives you the chance but also your teammates.

However, on May 18 developers made some changes to Gulag by introducing Assault
Rifles and SMGs, before players were bound to use only handgun and default perks,
much of the warzone players are upset from this update and requesting an immediate
revert to changes.

cod -warzone_-gulag

CoD Warzone: Gulag Changes good or bad?

Many fans believe that this new update has ruined the game and one of those fans, u/rockstonicjuicemagic, claims that the new weapons had “ruined” the Gulag, he further says that it has become less competitive now and this was one of the “worst changes” that had been made to Warzone.

“The Gulag now has been reduced to left or right lane sniping and wild hipfire shots,” they explained, “the wins mean nothing now and the [losses] are even worse.”

Another fan claims that there is no position for long-range weapons in Gulag,
it is only hurting the game and they call developers to revert changes.

“It makes the Gulag players play way too slow and the winner 95% of the time is whoever sees the other person first,” they shared, calling for changes to be made.

Apart from criticizing they also share their advice on how to make Gulag more fun and
competitive they say, Pistols should be the only weapon and equipment like stun
grenade should be removed from Gulag.

However, Infinity Ward hasn’t said anything yet on this topic, and we may have to wait
a bit longer to see any changes, there are also some players who are appreciating these
changes, just like any other topic this also have two sides of opinion.

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