CoD Vanguard developers have mentioned some upcoming major Incendiary nerfs and multiple other changes to the game.

Incendiary damages have been on fire since the launch of Call of Duty Vanguard, the fire damage has been ruling over other powerful weapons like shotguns and ARs.

However, the damage was given a push when developers launched the “tone deaf” Incendiary grenade back in Season 1.

Since the arrival of grenade in-game players were asking for a nerf literally every day and it looks like their wish is finally being heard.

The Fire damage is finally getting some nerfs as CoD Vanguard developers Sledgehammer confirmed on January 7. However, there is no exact date confirmed. but we already know a few different changes to expect soon.

The first priority of this update will be to address Incendiary Grenades off the rip. “We’re nerfing Incendiary Grenades by reducing the overall damage dealt,” the devs put simply.

“They’ll still be painful, but you’ll recover.” This clears out that the lethal equipment will no longer be an instant kill. Instead, it should apply damage over time but allow targets a chance to survive.

Apart from this, two Vanguard Perks are being buffed to further counter fire damage. Both Fortified and Dauntless are in line for big improvements to address the contentious damage effect.

The former “will significantly reduce incoming fire damage” while the latter is set to “grant immunity when moving through fire.”

Developers of the game are pretty sure that these early fixes may create a certain balance in the game’s Incendiary damage.

However, there will also be the following update in the future which will also focus on incendiaries but instead of tweaking the damages, it will change the area of effect.


Anyways, there is no exact date mentioned as of now but we will let you know if we hear anything from the developers.