Activision has finally revealed the most awaited map and new modes coming to CoD mobile in Season 6.

CoD mobile is a mixture of all CoD games featuring many maps from different games like
Crash and Standoff, both the maps despite being from different games are in the same pool
however, this is not everything the game also features a lot of guns and gun mechanism
from the rest of the games.

Moreover, it feels like the developers aren’t stopping here, recently they revealed the information about the new upcoming map and modes in CoD Mobile.

CoD Mobile new Map – Rust


Yes, it is official now that Rust will be the next new CoD Mobile map, Activision shared this
information on 25 April in their Reddit community, on April 12, Activision teased Rust for the
first time through their twitter handle by sharing a picture from the map.

Rust is one of the iconic maps from Call of Duty franchise, it has been a part of the game since 2009.

Well, there is slightly bad news, we will be playing the new Rust currently available in
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare instead of the original 2009 map, it is slightly strange also
because all the other maps in the game are in their original version.

However, as we mentioned earlier that there are also new modes coming to the game.

Activision was also testing Kill Confirmed, Capture The Flag, and a one-on-one map called Saloon in CoD Mobile’s test server so we believe that these will also make their way in the same update along with new map Rust.

The release date of this update is not known yet, but the in-game Battle Pass will end on May 1, so expect the release date to be around the same time.

We will update you with further information.

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