CoD Mobile June update is now revealed by Activision and it have a many new map areas, a new vehicle and return of Kill Confirmed.

Call of Duty Mobile was released in October 2019 and since then it has been
one of the greatest battle royale game on mobile devices.

Developers have been pushing new updates every season to keep the game
interesting and players have shown the same engagement. CoD Mobile
features a lot of old CoD title maps and players have been loving them all

In June update the same is going to happen and Activision has
officially announced what players will be getting in this update.


CoD Mobile June update: Battle Royale map changes

The biggest update coming on cod mobile is the expansion of isolated Battle Royale map.

In their next update, the developers will add seven new locations in Black Market, Downtown, Frigid Wetlands, Harbor, Heat, Sanitarium, and Ski Town.

However, this is not the only thing coming up with this update there is will also be a new vehicle on the road for you to use and new enemies to conquer.

Kill Confirmed returning in CoD Mobile

Apart from all these new locations, vehicles and etc, developers have also
confirmed that the Kill Confirmed will be returning to CoD Mobile in June.

Kill Confirmed was part of the game for some time as a limited-time mode
and now it will be making a return along with other modes in-game, but
with the re-entry of Kill confirmed the Rapid Fire game mode will be leaving
CoD Mobile’s rotation comes June 4.

Moreover, developers have also clarified that HBR will be available for free from next month.
This is all we have until now but we will keep looking for any other information that we can have and keep you updating.

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