CoD Mobile HBR Weapon release date is now officially revealed by developers of the game. This was announced through a community update post.

Call of Duty: Mobile is the mix up of many Call of Duty titles, it features a ton of different maps, modes, and
weapons from different games, maps like Standoff and Crash are from Modern Warfare and Black Ops II.

CoD Mobile also doesn’t follow a single story, recently there season 6 went live titled “Once upon a time in
Rust” – Rust is one of the most-favourite and old map of Call of Duty franchise, however, this is not all
recent leaks from data miners are revealing some of CoD Mobile future plans and one of them is HBR weapon and now the developers have officially announced the HBR Weapon release date for CoD Mobile.

CoD Mobile HBR weapon release date?

In their May 14 community update, Activision finally cleared all the rumours/leaks about the weapon,
earlier HBR was part of CoD Mobile season 3 but it was only unlockable through crates and now developers
are planning to release it for free use.

“We have even seen some ‘leaks’ sharing around an apparent marketing image for this weapon, but we are
sorry to say that the HBRa3 isn’t going to be released this month for the global version of Call of Duty:
Mobile,” the developers says. “However, we are happy to say that it will be released next month!”

They added: “Just hang tight, enjoy Once Upon a Time in Rust, and before you know it we’ll be in June.”


It was a surprise for everyone because last week on May 7 they released their roadmap for future updates,
but there was no sight of HBR going free.

Anyhow, we do know now that the weapon will release in June but the exact date is not known yet, but we
will update you if any further information comes in our sight.

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