The next big instalment in the Call of Duty Franchise is not going to be Black ops reboot as some trusted leakers completely deny the early leaks on Call of Duty 2020.

Let’s begin from the starting, the rumours about Call of Duty 2020 to be a reboot version of
Black ops series gain fire when in May 2019, Activision announces that Treyarch would be
taking over the main development of CoD 2020 from Sledgehammer Games.

After the announcement, many leaks started gathering around two possible games, either it
will be a Black ops reboot and will be set in Cold War-era in the 1960s or it will be a
completely new game.

Well it was all clear until April 20, when a trusted leaker of the CoD community
‘TheGamingRevolution’ posted a video discussing his theories and believes that the next CoD
game won’t be a reboot.

Well he didn’t completely say the game won’t have any part of BO series, he says the game
will be different but it will eventually cross path with BO storyline in some way.

The leaker claims Call of Duty 2020 to not be a BO reboot

However, according to him, the new CoD game will be set in the same era of the 1960s with
many parts from the Vietnam war, which is also what we saw in the original BO game.

This can be true as another YouTuber ‘dkdynamite’ also says that Sledgehammer Games
was working on a Vietnam theme CoD game back in 2010, which unfortunately didn’t make
its way till the end but the franchise is revisiting those files from 2017 and this can be the
part of CoD 2020 game.

Well, this makes more sense like Treyarch and Sledgehammer Games are working on a project
which can be the same game and Treyarch may want to use the work that Sledgehammer games were working on earlier and may want to build something using those files as a base
because they both are part of the same franchise.


And if rumours are to be taken into consideration there is a very high percentage of chance
that the next CoD title will be named ‘Call of Duty: Vietnam”, and it can be true because many
games from the franchise are named right after the wars.

Well, we ask you to treat this information as any other leaks until Activision or Treyarch make
any official statement, but, we must also consider TheGamingRevolution’s past work were he
has been very much accurate about information.

Anyhow, whatever happens, we will see during 2020 fall as the game is to release around that time till then sit tight and enjoy Call of Duty games.

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