Game Director at Treyarch and de facto Community Manager David Vonderhaar has declined the leaks regarding the addition of “jet packs” in CoD 2020.

After the Advanced Warfare release in 2014, CoD turned to a three-year release cycle.

CoD 2020 was handed to Treyarch – the Infinity Ward and Sledgehammer Games alternate.


Well, Details about CoD 2020 are still limited but rumours and leaks suggest that the development of the game is a little slow because of the late decision to hand over the development to Treyarch.

However, the leaks also hinted that there is a fifth instalment of the Black Ops series is being developed by Treyarch.

David Vonderhaar Denies to the addition of Jetpack in CoD 2020

But, on January 5 David Vonderhaar declined the leaks regarding the addition of Jet Packs in CoD 2020 by replying “No”  to the tweet of a fan suggesting to add “Jet packs” in the next cod.

Well, the cause of the No must be the past consequences of implementing advanced moments in-game.

In Past only Black Ops III was the only game which didn’t face any criticism on implementation of the advanced moment.

Whereas, Advanced Warfare moment was said to be very much disordered, while Infinite Warfare was defined as a poor version of Black Ops III.

In his, other tweet replying to another fan David Vonderhaar joked that he was “hung from the highest branch” by the CoD community after the announcement of the implementation of Jet packs in Black Ops III.

Well in another part of his statement he also joked that he has PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder” from the retaliation that Treyarch and Activision received in the Past.

A minority of fans were disappointed by this confirmation of CoD 2020 not having Jet packs

while the Majority of Fans were super happy with the news.

The Denial of the news also makes the leak regarding the surrounding of CoD 2020 more surrounding – that it will be set in the Cold War, probably in Vietnam.

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