Chloe Ting has been fed up with gym bros roasting her YouTube workout videos and she has finally talked about it and has put them under test.

YouTuber Chloe Ting currently have over 19.5 million subscribers on her channel.

Her channel features small and simple workout videos which have caught the attention of gym bros – another “workout channel” who often claims that her workouts are ineffective.

So being fed up with these allegations, in her latest video she gave three of the gym bros some challenging workouts – surprisingly all three of them were struggling hard with those workouts and later had to admit that her workouts are effective and hard.


“There are a number of people bashing my workouts,” she said. according to her, many gym bros “despise” her because they share their entire opinion on one or two videos instead of watching them all. “It’s really hard to please everyone in [a] single video, and that’s the reason why [they] like to bash me.”

Surprisingly all three different gym bros struggle with her workouts and even compliment them, they all had to admit it was effective. “I hate that people always think that it’s just a girls’ workout. It’s like they’re trying to invalidate [it].”

“My workouts aren’t magical or super tough or super easy. It’s really dependent on your fitness level. And also, I have so many workout videos! There are some that are quite easy [and] some [that] are more difficult.”

Chloe Ting concludes her video by giving advice to those who doubt her workout efficiency. Those who doubt my workout efficiency should learn from this video, she says.

They’re clearly working wonders for her millions of followers, and they might work for you too; you’ll have to give them a go!

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