Charli D’Amelio dad defends her daughter from criticism following recent family Bahamas vacation.

During this ongoing pandemic many influencers are still wandering around the world and meeting
a bunch of peoples which is resulting in their followers criticizing them for not practicing what they

This list of influencers also includes Charli and Dixie D’Amelio who faced a lot of backlash for their
recent family trip to the Bahamas, fans literally spammed their comment section with criticism
and another big influencer Noah Beck was also criticized recently for their comment saying that
the trip was required to ‘disconnect’.


One of the main points of this Charli D’Amelio Bahamas vacation criticism is their past comments on ‘health’ – suggesting their fans to stay indoors and take care of their health as it is “extremely important,” and these two young influencers were not aware of the trip (his dad mentions) which resulted in fans calling them Hypocrites.

But in an interview with Kevin Wong, Marc D’Amelio defended Charli over the backlash she was getting for traveling during these times. Marc made sure to remind people of the fact that Charli is still a minor, and that she doesn’t always have full control of the decisions that get her the most backlash.

“First of all, to blame Charli? It was a family vacation,” he said. “She’s sixteen, so she has no say in where we’re going, so you can put it on me. But we did what we had to do, and you know, we went away.”

He does mentions that they does understand the severity of what is going on around the world, “we do take it seriously and we want to protect other people, we don’t take it lightly. We heard them loud and clear, and yeah, it’s what it is.”

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