Charli D’ Amelio Squishmallows collection picture has been a new controversy for her after fans are raising questions about is she trying to raise the price of stuffed animals.


  • Charli D’ Amelio has posted a picture with all his stuffed animals around her on Instagram.
  • Fans has been lashing out on this picture asking if she is trying to increase the price of the stuffed animal.

Squishmallows is the new toy in the market, These are basically cute, round and
rainbow-colored plushies. Which is made using the premise of animal and then transforming
it into a sort of stuffed toy.

On the official website of the toy, you will find that many of these toys are out of stock and the
price range lies between $12.99 – $20 per toy.

Well, there is some reason why these toys are out of stock and are not available to many people.
Most of the audience is blaming it on the TikTok star Charli D’ Amelio who has over
107 million followers on Instagram.


The reason for this outrage from fans is because recently Charli D’ Amelio posted a picture of her Squishmallows collection, which covered her on all sides, the star also jokingly said
she would like to be sponsored by the brand – these words hurt the sentiments of her fans.

While some of them were praising her “insane” collection, the others were raising questions
like why is she trying to increase the prices of Squishmallows and make it harder for the
average person to get one for themselves.

“Stop, you’re gonna make them raise the prices,” one user wrote.

“If y’all thought it was hard to find them before, now we are really screwed,” another commented.

“Please god no, don’t make it harder for us,” yet another bemoaned.

Comments were pouring in with claims like they are going to increase the price of stuffed animal

She also received criticism from her fellow creators like Madi Monroe and even big sis
Dixie D’Amelio, both of them were in shock about her sudden interest in these toys.

“When you told me you ordered a few, I thought you meant like, five,” Monroe chimed in.

“You’re insane!” Dixie commented.

Charlie has not commented on this yet, but we will update you if anything comes out from her.