Charli D’ Amelio paid book webinar receives a lot of criticism from fans after they were unable to join the zoom webinar even after paying $22.

Charli D’ Amelio is the biggest star on TikTok after hitting 100 million followers this month – she is loved
by fans for her popular dance videos.

Recently, after hitting this huge milestone the star announced that she would be releasing a book on
her success called “Essentially Charli: The Ultimate Guide To Keeping It Real” and would also be hosting
a virtual Zoom webinar to connect with some fans.

The tickets were exclusive for only the first few members who have bought book bundles and the Zoom
link was supposed to be sent out via email, to those who were scheduled to attend.


Charli D’ Amelio paid book webinar was a fail?

After the virtual event on December 5 was over many fans who have bought the ticket claimed that they
were unable to join the book webinar and criticized the TikTok star’s handling of the event.

The backlash was first shared by Instagram page TikTokInsiders, which highlighted images of a fan’s receipt to the live Q&A and their claims about being unable to join the Zoom call.

“A lot of people paid for Charli’s book Zoom event thing, including me, and didn’t get to join,” they claimed, frustrated with how it was organized.

Many of those also speculated it as a “spam” but some of Charli’s fans confirmed that the event did happened.

At the time of writing this article, there has not been a single public announcement or statement from
Charli’s side for why it did happen in the first place, but some of her fans are suggesting that they
might have reached the maximum capacity for Zoom meetings before everyone could join.

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